Shannan Hazard- Short version 

Shannan Is an acupuncturist, activist and chronic illness survivor who’s passion is to inspire and empower people to create lives without "dis" "ease".  Her passions lie in Eastern Medicine philosophy practicing Traditional Chinese medicine and nutrition, with a background in Shi Lao and Ayurvedic diet therapies.  She's a farmer, advocate for community healing and sustainability, and a passionate opera singer- Okay maybe not that last part ;)

Longer Version- For those who do their homework ;) 

Shannan started her journey with a career in social work.  She has a passionate heart for oppression and spent time working with families and communities to heal trauma and help build new belief systems within oppressed communities.  She has worked extensively with youth in various roles such as counsellor, creative facilitator, and advocate.  With a back ground in psychology she developed a keen interest in interpersonal neurobiology, plasticity, neuro regeneration and meditation.

A diagnosis of a few autoimmune illnesses (who doesn’t like friends!) led her to her first experience with Chinese Medicine. She realized that Western medicines focus on symptom relief was fleeting and not addressing the underlying issue.  Her first acupuncture session was a sort of awakening for her.  She felt empowered and strong and not at the mercy of her "dis" "ease".  This led down a long road of not only school but a deep exploration around lifestyle changes including mind-body and soul therapies.  Her education was completed at both Oshio College as well as Pacific Rim in Victoria, BC to give her a well rounded education of both Western and Eastern practices.  She has completed additional education and mentorship in Japanese Acupuncture as well as Compassionate Inquiry and treating women with Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Her passions lie in internal medicine and chronic illness including autoimmunity, mental health, women health, fertility, and digestive disorders, and many many more.

Her other passions lie in meditation, yoga, FOOD, (yes that deserves capital letters), plant medicine, herbalism and creating ritual to help heal.  She is continually learning both academically and in her own healing journey to ensure that she has the energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to help you along on yours. Now located in Duncan, BC within the Cowichan Valley, serving clients from Victoria to Nanaimo.